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 The End of a Great Summer
 The Serious Part of Life Has Just Begun

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HTML4.0The End of a Great Summer

I have spent most of the summer in Germany. And as you know the weather was everything else than great. But even with bad weather there was lot to do. Most of you do not know me in suit in tie. But I was dressed like that several times (see link) as I visited two marriages and as I stayed for four weeks at the Oesterreichische Nationalbank in Vienna to do some research.

However, life was not only serious. I had lots of fun in at the Buergerfest in my home town Weiden, in Vienna, Budapest and Stockholm where I spent my holidays with Marieke.


HTML4.0The Serious Part of Life Has Just Begun

Most of the visitors of this site should know that I have started to work fort he Institute for World Economics (IfW) and the Christian-Albrechts-University Kiel on October 1st. My boss is Professor Dennis Snower who started at the same time as me as new president of the IfW. The next couple of years I will try to write a doctoral thesis, hold some lectures at the university and do a lot of economic research.


HTML4.0 My Research

Please click the following links for a Kiel Working Paper and a Finnish Central Bank Working Paper about “Monetary Policy for Russia”.

There will be soon a link to a working paper about “The Effects of Capital Requirements in Austria”.

If you are interested in the role of banks and capital requirements in the monetary transmission mechanism, just let me know. I wrote my diploma thesis about this topic.

Concerning my future research direction you can check the IfW web site.


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